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Connecting you to the World of Digital Lending

Monetium Credit provides multiple loan options to cover your needs and problems. Check out our offers or apply directly for fast cash loans in Singapore!

Connecting you to the
World of Digital Lending

Monetium Credit provides multiple loan options to cover your needs and problems. Check out our offers or apply directly for fast cash loans in Singapore!

Our Legal Loan Agency Will Help You Find the Ideal Loan for Your Needs!

Monetium Credit’s staff will always provide you with all the help you need. Every member of our team is trained in catering to our Singapore clients’ needs and requirements and helps them find or create the ideal quick cash loan contract.

Our whole business model is centered around our ability to help clients accomplish their goals with the help of our services for the lowest interest rates and fees in Singapore. Doing so wouldn’t be possible if our team members didn’t have the correct training that teaches them how to accomplish this using all the tools that we designed for this.

As a result, you can always be sure that the team from Monetium Credit has your best interest in mind. You should always share your needs and wishes with our team members, who will be responsible for helping you. Only if they have enough information will it be possible to help you find one of the fast cash loans that will cover all your needs and requirements. You can find a wide variety of loans we provide, but if none fit your situation, then you can contact us, and there will always be someone there who can work with you to create the best offer in Singapore for you.

Benefits of Working with Monetium Credit – Singapore’s Best Legal Moneylender

Maximum Convenience

We understand the struggles you must go through every time you make a loan contract, and we try to make the whole process as convenient as possible.

100% Confidentiality

Using the quick cash loan services provided by Monetium Credit means you won’t need to worry about your information being revealed all over Singapore.

High Maximum Period

Economic constraints are widespread issues. So, we strive to reduce your difficulties by offering the highest repayment period included in the online loan approvals process.

High Borrowing Limit

To ensure that you always have the necessary finances to cover all your needs, our credit company in Singapore provides the highest borrowing limit allowed by law.

Low Interest Rates

As you can clearly see, we have the lowest possible interest rates. You won’t be able to find better loan contracts anywhere else in Singapore.

Unique Loan Offers

Everyone has different problems and needs that require fast cash, and our loan agency tries to customize our services as much as possible to cover all of them.

Singapore’s Trusted Money Lender Goes Digital!

No one wants to wake up in a financial crisis. However, this is a reality most of us have to face. When faced with a financial emergency, we realize that having a reliable money lender in Singapore as a lifeline can be very convenient. An entity that can save you from the verge of bankruptcy or, in more complicated situations, can cover your hospital bills or immediate needs for you, is an excellent card to have in your hand. Whether you have stable finances right now or not, it is worth knowing trusted licensed money lenders you can consult when a financial emergency happens.

We at Monetium Credit understand the reality behind financial emergencies. At some point in our lives, no matter our income and cost of living, situations arise when we need emergency cash the fastest way possible. They say that money can’t buy everything, but it sure is handy when you need to undergo medication or when you need to pay the bills to avoid disconnection. To help you during those trying times, our services as one of the licensed moneylenders Singapore are now available online. Should you be looking for a licensed money lender in Singapore? Choose Monetium Credit today!

Loan Amount
S$ 10,000

Repayment Period
15 months

Your Monthly Repayment will be

S$ 0

Interest Rate


Processing Fee


You should always have all the information you need from a lender in Singapore! Transparency is a critical factor you should consider before starting the approval process for one of the quick cash loans.

Why Choose a Licensed Money Lender Singapore?

Our team is composed of experienced credit consultants, led by our Chairman who stems from having over a decade of experience as a licensed money lender in the industry. Our strong work ethics and professionalism all play a vital role in our constant pursuit to be one the best moneylenders in Singapore.

With our eyes focused on you and your financial needs, we are dedicated to giving you the most valued and affordable personal loan. Whether it is a payday loan or a monthly installment, we are a dedicated money lender that provides our clients with unbiased, intelligent advice on their needs. Moreover, we are committed to educating our clients on ways to recover from their debts and live a debt-free life. Unlike loan sharks, who are infamous for causing bankruptcy for many small business owners and individuals, licensed moneylenders like Monetium Credit will work with you to better your financial situation.

Our culture is based on forging long-term collaborative relationships. Every step of the process is crafted with you in mind, and be assured that all your information is kept confidential and safe with us. Take the path to financial freedom. Choose a reputable and licensed money lender today!


Offers the most flexible short term & monthly installment repayment schedule.


You will be kept informed and updated throughout the loan period.

Swift & Efficient

Loans can be disbursed immediately upon loan approval.

The Loans from Monetium Credit

Have you run out of savings and in need of extra funds to make it to the next payday? Do you need an emergency fund due to a family member being hospitalized? Can’t pay the tuition fee for this semester and might risk pausing your child’s education? As a professional lending company in Singapore, we have heard many of these stories. We are not about to be prejudiced about your financial situation. A money lender understands financial difficulties far more than anyone probably does. It has been our mission to get people out of those situations after all. Talk to us today so our expert financial consultants can advise you on the right loan to ease your financial burden. As one of the most experienced moneylenders, we can offer various recommendations to match your lifestyle, income, and unique needs. Discover solutions from one of Singapore’s most trusted licensed money lenders today!

Whatever your goals are, We have you covered.


Your needs are at the pinnacle of our priorities

The passing years have shown a changing landscape in human needs. For instance, while smartphones were a luxury 10 years ago, they have become necessary for students and professionals today. In the same way, we are realizing the importance of healthcare and education, both of which require financial plans. With an ever-changing society and needs, our organization has been crafted upon a strong financial foundation to ensure that you receive the best course of assistance possible when you need it the most.

As a professional lending company in Singapore, we are here to help you out of your financial burden through tailored loans. Our programs as a money lender signify our dedication to assisting people to achieve a debt-free future

Get your loan with 3 Simple Steps

We make the loan application process easier for you as your trusted money lender, Monetium Credit, goes digital! With our digital loan, you can now file an application for your preferred loans online and receive a response within a few working days. As all licensed money lenders, we also upgraded our website to include a loan calculator where you can calculate the estimated cost of your loan per month or in total. With these features, borrowing money for crucial times will be more efficient for our clients. You will only need to follow these three steps below to file your loan application today!

Simply fill out the loan application form and submit it online.

Once approved, you are required to visit our office to sign your loan documents.

Upon confirmation, funds are disbursed instantly to the Client.

Why Choose a Licensed Money Lender and Not a Bank?

Fast Cash Loan Approvals

Unlike the complex process that all banks have implemented, which requires you to spend a lot of time until you get your loan, Monetium Credit’s loan approval process is many times faster.

Uncomplicated Process

To ensure the maximum convenience of our clients, one of the ways is to simplify our loaning process as much as possible and avoid wasting your time and effort.

Greater Flexibility

A bank always has rigorous rules and standards that greatly limit its flexibility. However, a legal money lender in Singapore, like us, doesn’t have such constraints, and we can offer significant variation.

Custom Plans

Getting a custom offer from a bank in Singapore is almost impossible. But that is not true here; we can personalize the offer, including the interest rates, based on our client’s needs and requirements.

What Our Customers Are Saying

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Apply For a Personalized Loan Quickly and Efficiently!

You can use this tool that Monetium Credit designed to help you finish the loan approvals process without much effort. Solve all your financial needs and worries as swiftly as possible!


How Can I Know If You Are One of the Licensed Moneylenders in Singapore?

The government provides a list of all Singapore’s best licensed moneylenders. You can find our loan agency on that list, proving that we are, indeed, a legal business specialized in providing these services. You can see the list and more information about this subject by clicking here.

It depends on several factors. First, the type of loaning method that you will use. On our website, on the pages of every kind of loan, you can find that we provide a list of requirements that includes all the documents you need as a Singapore citizen. Second, the type or types of revenue you have will allow you to repay the loan. On the same list, you will find that different types of employees or self-employed persons have slight differences in the requirements they must meet.

As mentioned in our process steps, after your fast cash loan is approved, you will need to visit our office to sign the documents and finish the process before you get the cash. We know that this step is not the most convenient alternative, but it is a requirement imposed by the law. This means that licensed moneylenders Singapore MUST do this. So, if you find a money lending business that doesn’t require this of you, it is breaking the law and is not licensed.

After the loan contract is done, you can use any of the methods we provide to get your money. The most convenient one is to let us deliver them to your account and use our app to get and use them however you want. Alternatively, you can also request to get cash from our office. The choice is yours to make based on your needs.

Many of the lenders in Singapore that you will find in your research only follow the law and provide little other convenience, benefits, or advantages to their clients. On the other hand, Monetium Credit will place your needs and requirements first, trying to maximize the value you get from using our services.

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