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Mortgage Financing

Don't let a lack of funds deter you from buying your dream home!

At Monetium Credit, we understand that sometimes you may just need that little bit of extra cash to pay for the down payment of your next dream property, but don't worry! Our mortgage Financing are perfect for homeowners looking for some additional funds to tide over when buying or refinancing their property. We can provide you the cash to roll and buy your next dream home with a loan package that can be customised to meet your financial situations and needs.

How is the mortgage Financing different from those offered by the banks?

Alternative financiers like us are able to approve and find a loan much more quickly than a bank and do not require as much documentation. Approval and funding from us can be completed within a week or two. A loan from a bank will take at least 30 to 45 days.


We are primarily concerned with the value of the real estate that will server as collateral for the loan and the loan to value ("LTV") ratio, while the banks focus on the borrower's credit rating and income.

Let us help you on your house mortgage Financing

  • You do not qualify for financing / re-financing due to some issues.
  • You have a previous bad credit record.
  • You have ample equity in your property and need cash quick.
  • You need a complex loan with multiple pieces of collateral
  • You need a tailor-made solution when your loan does not fit into the traditional lending guidelines.

Why Choose us to be your Preferred Private Financier

  • Up to 85% equity-based lending for commercial and residential properties
  • Loan tenure is flexible
  • We cater to your needs
  • Less hassle with minimal paperwork
  • We are transparent with professional lawyers handling all the legal documentation
  • Processing period is within 5-14days (depending on the complexity of the case)

With Monetium Credit, we aim to bring convenience to you. Call us to find out more at 6777 7775 or

Basis for loan approval Income, credit score, credit history, etc Real Estate
Documentation Significant Minimal
Property Types Typically residential and commercial (depending on trades) Any Private Properties
Loan Terms Rigid Flexible
Approval Process A few weeks Within 2 weeks
Loan Disbursement 3 months from approval Within 2 weeks from approval

More loan option for you to choose from

More loan option for
you to choose from

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