Credit Cards or Urgent Personal Loans from Licensed Moneylenders?

Choosing between Credit Cards or Urgent Personal Loans from Licensed Moneylenders?

Credit cards are notoriously known for high interest rate and rolling over credit card debt over months can cost you more and more accumulative interest.

Before considering personal loans from licensed money lenders, you might contemplate considering the negative image that was portrayed by loan sharks.

However there are a few factors about Licensed Moneylenders that could change your mind.

  • Swift Approval. When you are in dire urgent needs for cash, you probably have no time to go around looking and negotiating for a personal loan. Licensed money lenders like us are able to cater to your needs for speedy processing and approval of application. Approval is usually within the same day itself.
  • Credit Scores. People with all types of credit score could face a situation where they require loans. Our aim is to help people get the loan they need, even with poor credit score.
  • Low Interest Rates. Having a bad credit score could mean getting charged with sky-high interest rates. Rolling over credit card debts could put you in serious debt issues that might take you a long time to repay because of the high interest rates. Putting Licensed moneylenders into consideration could be a good idea as the interest rates are reasonable and wouldn’t put you into endless debt once you work out your finances.
  • Simple Requirements. Typically speaking, licensed moneylenders would only ask from you documents and information that are needed to prove you are able to service your loan. (Eg. CPF contribution or Payslip)
  • No surety Required. As long as you are able to justify your repayment , no guarantors is required.

Types of Loan Available?

Payday Loans

Unlike bank loans, applying for payday cash advances is very easy and fast. Start your payday loans application with us..

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Personal Loans

The best thing about a personal loan is the fact that you can access it for whatever financial need you might have.

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Wedding Loans

Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life. However, the cost to have a perfect & grand wedding is extremely high. Let us walk you through this new chapter of yours.

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Renovation Loans

After getting the keys to your new house, the first thing on your mind is to start on the renovation. For most Singaporeans, home renovation is the next big project.

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Plastic Surgery Loans

Over the years, plastic surgeries have become more common in Singapore. Let us give you the best transformation of your life.

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Weight Loss Loans

If you have been thinking about getting a weight loss surgery to better your health and figure but lack the funds to do so, let us help you.

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Grab Taxi Driver Loans

Driving a GrabTaxi means that you get to be your own boss and you get to plan your own work schedule. Drivers can acquire this loan to help them during tough times and in their careers.

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Vacation Loans

Longing to go for a holiday but lack the funds to do so? Our specially designed, Vacation loans are here to help and our financial experts will help to tailor a personalized loan package just for you.

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Business Loans

Have you set your goal plan for your business? Even banks don’t have the confidence in your plan. Come and find out how our business loan can help you.

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Dental Loans

Although we all know that oral health is important for your overall well-being, many Singaporeans often neglect dental care and are guilty of forgoing that dental visit. Let us be your pillar of support.

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Short Term Loans

This loan is to help individuals who need some extra cash urgently. You could be facing an emergency but is unable to get a loan fast enough. If you are in need of a urgent loan, let us help you to assess your financial situation and cater a loan package just for you.

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