Business aspirations deserve to be materialized to their pinnacles of potential. Monetium Credit understands the importance of turning your aspirations into a career and sustaining a steady growth in revenue to solidify and build your business in order to fuel the other important matters of your life such as family and ambitions. This is why we have put all our expertise and experience together to provide you with the best business solutions financially for you to bring that budding entrepreneur in you to life. From the traditional Business Loans, SME Loans, Start-Up Business Loans and Equipment & Machinery Financing to more modern and efficient loan services such as Merchant Cash Advance & Invoice Factoring Loans, you can be assured that if there is any aspect of a business empire or an acquisition hurdle, Monetium Credit has the best available solutions for you to continue working towards establishing a rock solid business foundation.



Business loans vastly differ from Personal or Lifestyle services. This is due to the nature of different business demands and industry. Therefore, you may still submit your applications online; however in order to assist us to expedite the process for you, presenting your application at the branch itself will be an immense advantage.



Generally Business Loans are granted with significantly higher principal amounts. Whether you’re looking to stabilize, rebuild or execute a business project from scratch, we have a series of well-crafted proposals to ensure that your operations are succeeded in the best way possible with the least amount of collateral. The only varying aspect of Business Loans would be the nature of supporting documents required. In accordance to which service you seek, required documents may be required in the forms of ACRA certs, Balance sheets or Incorporation details. For a full list of what is required for the respective loans, you may click here.


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