Q: How do I apply or submit my Loan Application form?

A: You may do so via 3 platforms. The first being our online application portal which can be found on this website; alternatively you may choose to approach our services directly at our branch or reach us through email at info@monetiumcredit.com.sg.

Q: How long does the approval process take before I know the outcome?

A: 95% of Applications are processed within the hour of your application and the outcome will be released to you. However, should we require any additional documents or verifications, then it might take an extra few hours.

Q: What are the requirements & Eligibility to apply?

A: Both Singaporeans and Foreigners may apply. All applicants must possess a valid domestic Proof of Identity such as NRIC, S-Pass, Employment Pass or Work Permit. Applicants must be above the age of 18 with a valid proof of employment and income as well. For more details on the criteria for borrowing, please refer to the Online Application page here.

Q: What is the maximum amount I can be eligible to borrow?

A: Varying based on your income, for applicants with an annual income exceeding SGD$30,000 you will be eligible to borrow up to 4X your monthly income. For applicants with an annual income below SGD$20,000 you will be eligible for up to SGD$3000 and for applicants with an annual income between SGD$20,000 to SGD$30,000; up to 2X your monthly income subject to approval. For applicants with an annual income exceeding SGD$120,000, there are no limitations on how much you may borrow. However the final sanctioned amount will be subject to approval.

Q: What are the fees and charges involved?

A: Monetium Credit will charge you an interest rate between 1 to 4% per month depending on a case by case basis; additionally, there will be a 5%+ Acceptance Fee imposed on your approved loan amount.

Q: How does the repayment scheme work?

A: Based on the loan approved and as per the Contract issued, your repayment tenure may vary around the duration of one to three months. However, on a case by case basis, this may extend for up to 6 months or more.

Q: How can I make my repayment?

A: Repayments can be done through a variety of channels. You may choose to make payments online at our website here or alternatively, you may proceed to do a funds transfer to our corporate account or approach our officers at our branch to make an over the counter payment.

Q: How does an Asset Based Financing differ as opposed to a Bank Loan?

A: Independent credit and asset based financing differs from Bank loans in the sense that we provide medium-term and short-term loans with minimal procedures to ensure that the funds reach you when you need it the most during your needed times whereas banking loans require a much more stringent process prior to approval and are usually tailored with a repayment tenure of years.

Q: How is my personal information protected?

A: All information submitted and shared with Monetium Credit will be treated with the utmost confidentiality and kept with the strictest code of privacy. You may learn more about our privacy policy here.


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